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Truckload Services

We offer a wide range of transportation solutions ranging from local, regional, and even long haul truckload services. We also have customer tailored solutions like dedicated fleets, direct store delivery, and on-site logistics & transportation management. We also offer specialized equipment solutions. Our temperature control fleets can handle your perishables with frozen select temperatures, or protect from freeze products.

Truckload Service

We’re a Multi-Carrier company that provides safe and reliable truckload transportation services. We’re committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We analyze multiple load boards and find your dry freight & refer loads. We set up with only the brokers that we know will pay you.
We negotiate the highest rates we can on your behalf and take care of any problems that may arise while on the road. After we negotiate the best rates for you & your fleet, we will inform you on your freight options. The final decision is yours to make.