Trucking - Global Logistics Solutions

company profile

SOLY Landland is a trucking & logistics company based out of Dallas, Texas. With the years of experience behind our belt, we’ve learned that problem solving has pushed SOLY Landline to levels of prestige that other trucking & logistics companies won’t hit for years to come. With over 10+ years of combined experience, we’re always looking for ways to improve and set the bar higher.

our mission

We strive for the highest degree of excellence with all the work we do. We’re firm believers of smart and efficient work, as well as ethical work. We’ve set our core principles and standards to the high level it’s known to be. This has allowed us to do what we do flawlessly.

our promise

  • Providing nothing but the highest quality of transportation in all of our services.
  • Providing assurance of nothing but the safest practices and standards in anything we do.
  • Living up to the highest industry standards in every measurable way possible.
  • The guarantee that our company puts nothing but 110% when it comes to efficiency, refining processes, and working smart.

Our Core Values


Smart Work

A company that truly emphasizes on smart work, that’s something you hardly see these days. At Soly Landline, we’re oriented on efficiency and working smart. When done correctly, everyone benefits.


One of the essentials of efficiency is communication. Without it, you won’t get very far. With it, a team can have unlimited potential. Because of this, we focus on communication and see it as one of our core values.

Safety & Quality

A trucking company that doesn’t follow guidelines won’t remain a company much longer. We cannot stress safety enough when it comes to our business practices. As for quality control, we’re constantly setting high standards.

Environmental Concern

Very few trucking companies actually factor the environment into their daily work. Soly Landline constantly keeps up with any environmental concerns that are in our related industry. On top of that, we’re always looking for new ways to be efficient.